State of Georgia Lincoln County Debitors and Creditors Notice All persons indebted to the estate of MYRTLE SMALLEY FLINT are hereby notified to make payment to the undersigned and all persons having a claim against said estate are notified to make claim to the undersigned or be barred from participation in said estate This 22nd day of August, 2014. Executor of the estate of MYRTLE SMALLEY FLINT George Alexander McGee Jr. 5261 Clay Hill Rd.

Lincolnton, GA 30817 Thomas B. Britt Hammond Hammond & Hammond Attorneys at Law PO Box 1137 Thomson, GA 30824 9 11 4tp

In the Probate Court County of Lincolnton State of Georgia In Re: Estate of Robert Van Dandron, II, Minor CITATION FOR TEMPORARY LETTERS OF GUARDIANSHIP: NOTICE OF PETITION FOR TEMPORARY LETTERS OF GUARDIANSHIP OF MINOR CHILD To: Michelle Lorraine Dandron You are hereby notified that Matthew Louise Dandron has filed to be appointed temporary guardian of the above-named minor. All objections to the Petition described above either to the appointment of a temporary guardian or the appointment of the Petitioner as temporary guardian must be in writing, setting forth the grounds of any such objections, and be filed with this Court no later than fourteen (14) days after this notice is mailed, or ten (10) days after this notice is personally served upon you, or ten (10) days after the second publication of this notice if you are served by publication. All pleadings must be signed before a notary public or Georgia probate court clerk and filing fees must be tendered with your pleadings, unless you qualify to file as an indigent party. Contact Probate Court personnel at the below address/telephone number for the required amount of filing fees. Note: If a natural guardian files an objection to the creation of the temporary guardianship, the Petition will be dismissed. If a natural guardian files an objection to the appointment of the petitioner as guardian, or if a parent who is not a natural guardian files and objection to the Petition a hearing on the matter shall be held in the Probate Court of Lincoln County, Georgia at a later date. If no objection is filed, the Petition may be granted without a hearing. Lee D. Moss Judge of Probate Court by: Debbie Pruitt Clerk/Deputy Clerk of the Probate Court PO Box 205 Lincolnton, GA 30817 706-359-5528 9 11 2tp

NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC City of Lincolnton A request for variance amendment has been filed with the City Council requesting that property located at 313 N Peachtree St, Lincolnton, GA, 30817 for the purpose of lot size. A public hearing will be held at City Hall September 30, 2014 at 5:30PM. All those in favor of or objecting to this request should be present to voice their support or objection. 9 18 2tc

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